All articles for the Reading Acceleration Program and Recovery Acceleration Program will use the terminology "Group," "User," and "Subject" though if you are an academic user, the terminology within the app will be "Class," "Instructor," and "Student." In most cases the functionality will be the same, and if there is any difference it will be outlined within the article itself

  1. Once a student is ready to practice they may either practice using their own account on the mobile practice app for IOS, or they may also practice using the web app using either their account or yours. (It is strongly recommended to only let them practice on your account while supervised if the student is a child) For more on signing into a student account see Signing in as a student.

    When practicing you may adjust the practice speed either by adjusting the dial by clicking and dragging it, or by using the faster and slower buttons located beneath the speed gauge. The goal is to be as accurate as possible at a certain speed before moving up, generally 90 percent accuracy is a good measure that a student is read to advance in speed.
  2. student Page with Practice Accuracy check highlighted

  3. During the practice, the student will call out the numbers on the screen as they appear, trying to be as accurate as possible while keeping with the speed on the screen. There will be break cards in between each practice card that will not advance until next is clicked.
  4. practice card mid practice

  5. Once a student has completed the practice, they will be taken to the results screen. If they have achieved a new practice speed or hit a practice time milestone they will be presented with a pop-up letting them know. Otherwise the results screen will show accuracy if Practice Accuracy check was enabled, along with the option to practice at the same speed, 5 numbers per minute faster or slower, or to bedone practicing for now.