King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

Record a Test is used to manually enter and save previous test results. To record a Test via the Web App, you must first enable the setting for that session.

  1. Click More in the top right corner, and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

    Teams screen navigating to Settings
  2. Toggle the Record Test Records setting to On and then click Teams to navigate to the Subject list.

    Settings with Record Test Highlighted in the middle of the screens
  3. Navigate to the Subject you would like to record the K-D Test for, by returning to Teams, clicking View Team, and then selecting the Subject from the list. Click on Record Test to begin.

    Navigating to the subject from settings
  4. Select which type of test is being recorded.


    A Baseline Test is a pre-injury Baseline test score determined by following the Baseline Testing protocol which establishes a Baseline test score as the faster of two error free trials.

    A Post-Injury Test is any test administration following suspected head trauma to screen for injury and/or following confirmed head trauma to monitor recovery.


  5. If entering a Baseline, enter in the final Baseline Time (in seconds), Test Date, Number of Test Cards used, Tester Initials, and any additional comments. Click Next then Save Test to save this result in the Subject's K-D Test History.

    recording a baseline
  6. In the case of a Post-Injury Test, record the total time (in seconds), test date, number of errors, and tester initials. In the comments you may add observations about the suspected injury (i.e. how the injury was sustained, acute signs and symptoms exhibited, etc). Click Next to proceed to the results page. Review the results and click Save Test to save the result in the Subject's K-D Test History.

    Recording a post injury