All articles for the Reading Acceleration Program and Recovery Acceleration Program will use the terminology "Group," "User," and "Subject" though if you are an academic user, the terminology within the app will be "Class," "Instructor," and "Student." In most cases the functionality will be the same, and if there is any difference it will be outlined within the article itself

This feature is only available for non-home Reading Acceleration Program accounts
  1. In order to import users for your account navigate to the "Users" page via the button in the top right.
  2. RAP dashboard with an arrow pointing to the users button in the top right

  3. Select the orange "Import Users" button.
  4. users screen with import user button in the top left highlighted

  5. It is recommended to download the sample CSV and fill it in with your information rather than attempt to create the CSV by hand. The only field that MUST be unique is the Username field (it cannot overlap with any other RAP user, even those outside of your account). Select next and browse to your saved CSV and click next once more.
  6. a picture of the import instructions explaining how to setup a CSV file for import

  7. The app will then review your results and show you a list of all users being made, as well as any conflicts or issues with the import. Press confirm to finalize the import.