K-D Reading Acceleration Program (Clinical)

Last Updated: January 13, 2020
  1. When first adding a Subject you will be presented with a check box saying Require King-Devick Test. This box is checked by default. If the box is not checked you will be asked to select a starting speed based on numbers per minute (NPM).
  2. Subject Creation Page

  3. If you would like to select the speed manually (generally having the subject take a K-D test is recommended) you can use the following chart for a guide:
  4. Age(years) Speed(npm)
    6 40
    7 50
    8 70
    9 75
    10 85
    11 105
    12 110
    13 115
    14+ 120
  5. If you leave require King-Devick Test checked you will be prompted to enter a K-D Result from an existing test via Record K-D Result or to run a K-D Test.
  6. Subject View Pending K-D Test

  7. In order to administer a K-D Test, click King-Devick Test and you will be presented with on screen instructions. The Subject will read across the test cards following the on-screen instructions until they are presented with a results screen in which you may enter your initials. Alternatively, if the Subject is under 11 years old and struggling to complete 3 card, they may click the orange End Test button to complete the K-D test with 2 cards rather than 3.
  8. K-D test instructions

  9. In order to record a test you will need to enter the test speed (seconds), the number of errors committed, the number of cards run (subjects 10 and under may use 2 cards rather than 3 if the test is proving difficult), the test date, the testers initials, and any additional comments. Press confirm to save the results and you will be presented with data indicating the Subjects performance based on age.
  10. Record K-D Test Example

  11. Whether you have the Subject take a K-D Test or record one Once the Subject has completed their K-D Test you will be presented with age based normative data regarding their results. Click Save Test to finalize the result.
  12. Results

  13. On the following page you will see the Subject's starting speed has been selected and the gauge will be set. The speed will be based on their completion time and accuracy.
  14. Results