K-D Reading Acceleration Program (Clinical)

  1. In order to sign into the King Devick Reading Practice App you need to have an account created in the RAP (Reading Acceleration Program) online system: https://reading.kingdevick.com. The username and login would be provided by the User who created the practice account. This would be done while creating a Subject or editing them as pictured below
  2. Screenshot

  3. In order to practice you will first need to a starting speed via the online system (https://reading.kingdevick.com). This can be done by viewing the Subject online and selecting King Devick Test as pictured below (alternatively, you can manually select a speed or if you have an existing K-D Result that can be added via Record K-D Result, see Selecting a Starting Speed for additional information).
  4. Screenshot

  5. If you do not establish a starting speed first you will be met with this message logging in on the mobile app
  6. Screenshot

  7. Once they have completed a K-D Test or had a starting speed manually assigned they will be able to login either to the RAP online system itself, or to the mobile version on an iPad.
  8. Screenshot