All articles for the Reading Acceleration Program and Recovery Acceleration Program will use the terminology "Group," "User," and "Subject" though if you are an academic user, the terminology within the app will be "Class," "Instructor," and "Student." In most cases the functionality will be the same, and if there is any difference it will be outlined within the article itself

  1. Navigate to the groups page.
  2. Groups button highlighted in the top right corner of the page

  3. Select "View Subjects."
  4. View all button highlighted in the middle left of the page

  5. From the next page select "Add Subject."
  6. Add Subject Button highlighted on the left hand side of the page

  7. Complete the form. If you would like the Subject complete a K-D Test or have a pre-existing K-D Test result make sure that box is checked. If the subject has provided permission to be recorded you can enable Practice Accuracy Check to allow the app to grade their accuracy automatically. Their username must be unique. Click create when you are finished.
  8. Example of a filled out subject creation form