All articles for the Reading Acceleration Program and Recovery Acceleration Program will use the terminology "Group," "User," and "Subject" though if you are an academic user, the terminology within the app will be "Class," "Instructor," and "Student." In most cases the functionality will be the same, and if there is any difference it will be outlined within the article itself

  1. When creating a new group, navigate to the groups page.
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  3. Go to the groups tab at the top of the page (all the way on the left). From there select the "Add Class" button.
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  5. Next, select the students who are in the group. Subjects are not limited to be in only one group at a time and may be in as many groups at as you like. Press create at the bottom of the page to finalize the group and save. NOTE: you have to hold control when select the students or you will only be able to add one at a time.
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