King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Last Updated: August 11, 2020

The King-Devick Remote App allows Administrators to remotely connect with a Subject and administer K-D Baseline and Post-Injury Tests while using the King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic iPad App. It is recommended that the test Administrator and the Subject connect on the phone to communicate instructions while testing.

Prior to administering a K-D Test remotely, Subjects will need to access the free King-Devick Remote Web App or install the King-Devick Remote iPad App. You and the Subject will both need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Select the Subject to be tested in the Subject List and tap Remote Connect.

    Subject view with remote connect button

    Optional Setting:

    Select Request Audio for Speech Recognition if you would like to use the ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) tool using the Subject’s device microphone for scoring. ASR records the Subject’s audio and automatically reviews it for errors. Test Administrators will be allowed to play back the test audio for review. Otherwise, you can manually score while the Subject is testing using scoresheets built into the App.
    picture of Request Audio For speech recognition button

  2. Establish a Remote Connection with the Subject’s device by requesting that the Subject provide the 6-digit Remote Connect Code displayed on the their device, and then entering the code.

    Remote Connect Screen with code entered
  3. Once the Subject approves the Remote Connection on their device, you are ready to begin a K-D Test. Select the appropriate test type: K-D Baseline, Post-Injury Test or Renew Baseline.

    Remote test selection
  4. Review the test instructions with the Subject and select the Test Set. Tap Start Test when you are ready to begin.

    instruction carousel + test set selection
  5. You will be shown a preview of the Demonstration Card while the full Demonstration Card will be displayed on the Subject’s device. Once the Subject is ready to proceed to Test Card 1, instruct the Subject to either tap the screen or click Next.

    Remote admin Demo Card
  6. Timing will begin and the Subject should begin calling the numbers aloud on the Test Cards. A Test Card preview will be displayed for each Test Card. The test administrator will record any errors committed by the Subject during testing. The Subject must instantly tap or click the screen after calling out the last digit on each Test Card. The test Administrator will control resuming the test between Break Cards.

    The administrator mid test view
  7. Once the Subject has completed all Test Cards, you will be prompted to enter your initials and any comments. Tap Continue to proceed.

    Error entry screen


    If ASR was enabled for the K-D Test, the ASR results will take a moment to process for your review. Review playback and confirm results.

    ASR Error review screen

  8. Review the K-D Test results and Save.

    Test Result screen
  9. For a K-D Baseline Test, you will be automatically prompted to administer a second error-free K-D Test. For a valid Post-Injury Test or an established K-D Baseline Test, testing is complete. Tap Disconnect to end the Remote Connection.

    Test Selection Screen