K-D Balance

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

The Force Refresh feature manually pushes all the data on your BOS account to your iPhone or iPod. Before choosing this option, log on to your BOS account via an internet connected computer at http://www.balance.kingdevick.com. Check to make sure that all your data is present. If it is not, contact help@kingdevick.com before proceeding, as this process wipes all data on the tablet. This process requires an internet connection.

  !*** Read Before Proceeding ***!

It is NOT advised to use this feature unless directed to do so by KD Support. A Force Refresh will erase ALL un-synced data. Any data lost that was not synced CANNOT be recovered by any means. It is recommended that you login at https://kingdevicktestapp.com and verify all of your data is present before proceeding.

  1. Tap the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the screen to slide out the menu.

    Home Screen with menu button highlighted

  2. Tap Settings and confirm there are no local changes pending. Tap Diagnostics.

    Side by side images of Menu and settings pages

    Screenshot of Diagnostic menu

  3. Tap Diagnostics then Force Refresh. You will then receive a prompt confirming you will lose any un-synced data. Once you confirm the tablet will clear all local information and repopulate.

    Screenshot of Diagnostic menu

    Screenshot of force refresh confirmation