K-D Balance

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

When first starting the K-D Balance app, you will be prompted to calibrate the device to ensure it's accelerometer is working properly. You may also check Calibration afterwards via the Settings. It is recommended that you use the same calibrated device when testing Subjects.

  1. If this is not your first time opening the app, open the menu and tap Settings. Select Diagnostics, and then Calibration.

    Gif of navigating to calibration

  2. Remove the device from any sort of case, place it on a flat surface, and tap Calibrate to begin.

    Image of pre-calibration screen

  3. Leave the device still while it goes through the calibration process. If the device is on a table do not shake the table. The process takes 45 seconds.

    image of countdown screen

  4. Once the process is completed, you will be shown a result. The smaller the number, the more accurate the calibration.

    Screenshot of result screen