King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Last Updated: January 06, 2020

The King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic is available at

Topics covered in this Quick Start Guide:

Creating Your Password
  1. Upon receiving your Welcome E-mail, follow the “Click here to set your password” link to create your password. If you did not receive a Welcome E-mail, please check your Spam Folder or contact for assistance.

  2. Set your password. It should consist of at least one capital letter, one number, and a minimum of 8 characters.

  3. Note:

    Password creation links are valid for 7 days by default. If your link has expired by the time you go to create your password, you will be given the option to request a new link that will be valid for 3 hours.

  4. Log in with your username (listed in the Welcome E-mail) and new password at

Calibrate Your Screen

The King-Devick Test has been validated for a standardized test size therefore calibration of the display is required before use. You can choose to calibrate your screen with either a ruler or a Letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) sheet of paper.

  1. Select either Use Ruler or Use Letter Page.
  2. Hold up a ruler or letter page to your computer screen to match the display on the left corner.
  3. When the horizontal distance of the Letter paper image matches 5 inches on the ruler image matches 5 inches on your ruler or matches your letter page size, click Done to save.

Importing Subjects & Teams

The King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic Web App allows you to organize your athletes by Teams. You can quickly and easily import Subject details and Team rosters to your account.

  1. Click on the More button in the top right and then My Account. Click Maintenance on the left-hand side. animation navigating to maintenance
  2. Click Import and select Subjects from the dropdown.
  3. Click the Import Instructions to download an Import template (a CSV or comma separated value file). The template is also available here. Enter your account subjects into the template and save your complete Subject Import File as a CSV file to your computer. Click Next once you’re ready to upload.
    .CSV Columns
    • Required fields include: First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth.
    • Date of Birth should be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • Contact email allows post-injury K-D Test notifications to be sent if the feature is enabled.
    • Baseline and Baseline Date: if available a previously established K-D Baseline may be imported with a Baseline Date.
    • Teams: assign Subject to a Team or multiple Teams. List additional Teams in adjacent columns.
    image of import instructions
  4. Click Choose File to locate your saved Subject Import File. choose a file dialogue
  5. The system will check your data file and report any errors. Follow instructions to complete the Import process. If there are no duplicates or errors and the data looks correct click Confirm to proceed.
    If there are duplicates you may check the Skip Duplicates box to ignore duplicated Subjects within the Import.
    duplicate detection
  6. You will be shown a success message on the next screen. Click Done and you will be taken to the All Subjects page. import success screen

Importing Users

The final portion of setup includes importing Users to Manage Teams and test Subjects

  1. Return to Maintenance (More -> My Account -> Maintenance). Click Import and select Users from the dropdown. animation navigating back to maintenance
  2. Click the Import Instructions or this link to download the User Import Template and then click Next. import instructions
  3. Enter your account Users into the template CSV. Required fields include: Name, Username, Email, Permission Level, View all Teams, Teams.
    • Permission Level Options:
      • 1 - Administrator has all access
      • 2 - Team Manager may add, edit, and delete Subjects and administer K-D Tests for Subjects on assigned Teams.
      • 3 - Testers can administer K-D Tests
    • View all Teams: This allows a User to view all Teams in the account (Enter Yes or No).
    • Teams: Assign Users to mange specific Team(s). Additional Teams can be entered in adjacent columns.
    filled out CSV
  4. Click Choose File to locate your saved User Import File. choose file dialogue
  5. The system will check your data file and report any errors to be corrected. If there are no errors and the data appears correct click Confirm to complete the Import. Data Review of user import

A Welcome E-mail will be sent to users that is valid for 7 days. Make sure to alert them, as the e-mails may wind up going into spam. The Subjects, Teams, and Users are all now set and ready to begin Baseline Testing. See How to Administer a Baseline Test for additional information on how to do so.