K-D Recovery Acceleration Program

  1. In order to sign into the King Devick Recovery Practice App you need to have an account created in the RAP (Recovery Acceleration Program) online system: https://recovery.kingdevick.com. The username and login would be provided by the User who created the practice account. This would be done while creating a Subject or editing them as pictured below
  2. Screenshot

  3. In order to practice you will first need to a starting speed via the online system (https://recovery.kingdevick.com). This can be done by viewing the Subject online and selecting King Devick Test as pictured below (alternatively, you can manually select a speed or if you have an existing K-D Result that can be added via Record K-D Result, see Selecting a Starting Speed for additional information).
  4. Screenshot

  5. If you do not establish a starting speed first you will be met with this message logging in on the mobile app
  6. Screenshot

  7. Once they have completed a K-D Test or had a starting speed manually assigned they will be able to login either to the RAP online system itself, or to the mobile version on an iPad.
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