K-D Reading Acceleration Program (Academic)

  1. Licenses for RAP are on a per Student basis and are valid for 1 year from the time the Student is created. Once the Student is created, the license is consumed. When a Student reaches the end of their license they are archived automatically. Archived Students can be viewed and edited, but cannot practice or take an assessment. A Student can be manually archived early if they are no longer participating in the program. If the Student's license still has time left the Student may be re-activated without using a license until 1 year has passed from the day the subject was created. Archived Students can only be viewed if you enable Show Archived Students below the Student list as pictured below.

    zoomed in archive button

  2. In order to Archive a Student, navigate to that Student and select edit.

    NOTE: archiving a Student does not free up their license.

  3. Subject page with highlighted EDIT button

  4. Once on the Edit Student page, press Archive and the Student will be removed from the list of Students unless Show Archived Students is enabled or the Student is re-activated.
  5. show archived subjects toggle

  6. In order to activate an archived or expired Student simply navigate to that Student with Show Archived Students enabled and there will be an Activate button in place of the practice button. Press it to activate.
  7. View of an Archived subject

  8. If activating the Student will consume a license (i.e. they were activated more than a year ago) then you will be presented with this pop-up confirming a license will be used.
  9. Activate Subject Confirmation